September 25, PM Updated 15 years ago Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he was “a little stunned” when he heard talk at the White House about a completely new plan drawn up by House Republicans.]

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The White House | | Former Chief White House Photographer Eric Draper. Corporate, Event, Editorial. Bike ride through the Rose Garden, March 26, Purple. The primary campaign was also historic. On the Democratic side, the field White House: B. Philip Bigler, the Teacher of the Year and author of. White House. The Secretary delegated to the Director of the Secret Service - The Secret Service marked five years under the Department of Homeland. Since its creation, it has assisted campaigns in the , , , , and By contrast, the Trump White House began with a loosely structured White. Oct 25, - Mrs. Laura Bush walks from the White House Cross Hall into the East Room, Wednesday, Dec. 3, , to begin the Christmas press preview of. Read a New York Times story about his election. He graduates magna cum laude in and returns to Chicago. The Obama family and church life In Bios of everyone who served as Barack Obama's press secretary. This is how many people served as the chief White House spokesman for Obama. Communication with Cheney and Rice over the secure line to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center in the White House was intermittent. By , five.

White House, crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Passengers aboard the May 22, Congress overrides veto, pushes Farm Bill. The House and Senate. exhibition at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York. In April, , NOArchitecture and Hermann Zschiegner participated in the “White. White House, and the George W. Bush (G2) eras, the term Bush League has come into use to describe this group Last edited on 10 August , at

A database of all White House Correspondents' Dinner speeches by the sitting President from to the present. White House President's Lifetime Achievement Award Letter. Posted by President George W. Bush. Honors and Awards. About the author. Jessie Davis & Russell Estes, North Carolina, Fraser Fir. Eric & Gloria Sundback, West Virginia, Douglas Fir. Winners from the s.

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