1/2 lb. of delicious dark chocolate turtles, made with El Rey's premium Bucare Dark Chocolate. These adorable little turtles are packed with caramel. Who says turtles don't go fast? These will disappear before you can say "St. Simons." Crafted with a healthy dollop of sweet milk chocolate in our kitchens. Our peanut butter or caramel pecan filled chocolate turtles are sure to delight! Each box is double layer and contains a total of 24 of these cute guys! Our famous turtles – We take fresh roasted pecans, and pile on our homemade caramel that is carefully crafted in small batches over an open fire stove. Chocolate Covered Turtles. Chocolate Covered Turtles. $ Flavor. Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate. Milk Chocolate - $, Dark Chocolate.

Indulge in the exquisite blending of luxurious milk chocolate, succulent pecans, and creamy caramel with Milk Chocolate Turtles. Our gourmet Turtles are the pairing of the classic pairing of chocolate, caramel, and pecans. Absolutely divine! Each handcrafted cluster consists of. Buy Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtles at NormanLove. After nearly years, Pecan Caramel Clusters or 'Turtles' are still one of the most popular nut candies. And ours are the best. Crisp pecan pieces smothered. These Giant Sea Turtles are loaded with California pecans, layered with delicious caramel and topped with premium chocolate shells. Put Me on the Waiting List A solid chocolate tall Turtle on a stick, wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon. The famous chocolate turtles from Phillips Chocolate make a great gift! Our chocolate turtles gift basket was named one of Oprah's Favorite Things for Savannah's Candy Kitchen has a delightful tradition of naming our chocolate turtles “Gophers.” This whimsical choice of the name adds a layer of charm and. Milk Chocolate Turtles. $ House made caramel. Crunchy pecans. Creamy milk chocolate. These turtles are everything you could ever want!! Each turtle weighs. Irresistibly delicious, our chocolate pecan turtles are hard to put down. They are the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Order yours today. Giant Chocolate Turtle(Pecan). $ Roughly 5n. in diameter and 1/3 of pound in weight, these turtle are made with the finest chocolate, caramel and pecans.

Our gourmet milk chocolate pecan turtles are a delicious combination of crunchy pecans coated in our creamy milk chocolate. Available in a 1lb box. Turtles candies are bite-sized candies made up of pecan halves, caramel, and chocolate. They are named as such because when you pile the. Fancy Texas pecan halves covered in creamy caramel and engulfed in rich milk chocolate. Indulge in the delectable taste of our handmade Chocolate Pecan Turtles, featuring toasted pecans and a luscious caramel center, all enrobed in a heavenly. Chocolate Moonshine Roasted Pecan Turtles are made with the finest Belgian chocolate, our homemade caramel, with roasted, salted pecans. Buy online today! Homemade caramel topped with chopped toasted pecans and milk chocolate. Chocolate Turtles with Pecans Treat your self to a mini version of one of your favorites. Lightly salted Pecans are smothered in creamy caramel and covered in. Turtles are a favorite at Laura's. A layer of creamy caramel and a layer of Louisiana Pecans, completely covered in chocolate make a delicious treat. Our chocolate turtles are made with locally grown California pecans, creamy caramel, and topped with delicious milk or dark chocolate.

Chocolate Turtle · Additional information · Related products · Spice Jelly Beans · Devilish Eggs · Chocolate Dinosaur · Chocolate Cross · Heath Location · Granville. Waggoner's Real Milk Chocolate Dainties are made fresh using the finest roasted whole nuts, kitchen cooked caramel and real Swiss formula chocolate. Select from. THE CARAMEL TO CHOCOLATE RATIO WILL HAVE YOU SCREAMING FOR MORE TURTLES. THE BEST HANDMADE TURTLES YOU CAN FIND! volgaboatmen.ru One of our best selling items. Our Turtles are made from high quality Dark Chocolate, Georgia Pecans & our Signature, Original Caramel Recipe. Our homemade "Creamy Caramel" funneled over a bed of pecans, and hand-dipped in Peter's fine swiss white chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Turtles. $ Milk Chocolate Turtles quantity. Add to cart. Category: candy-row2. Related products. Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans. Fresh pecans that are first roasted then dipped in soft homemade caramel and covered in our pure milk or dark chocolate. ***Hearts May Vary***.

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