CHLOR*RID is used for the removal of soluble salts from metals and other surface types. CHLOR*RID® is a liquid concentrate added to water and used as a wash. 1 Shot Efflorescence remover erases salt and calcium carbonate staining while removing lime and hard water deposits. Cleans pre-cast concrete. Description Extend Your Equipment's Life by removing the corrosive “white salt film”. Easy And Economical - Dilute 1 to 8 with cold water and apply through. CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER removes ice melt salt stains on carpeted areas and walk-off mats. Leaves no residue. Salt wash cleaning formula that removes all salt from your Jet Ski or Boat in just seconds while adding long-lasting vessel protection.

Safely remove salt deposits from surfaces and engines with our salt remover for boats! This concentrated boat De-Salt formula is great for winterizing. Salt stains can attack footwear in both snowy winter climates and warmer coastal regions. This special liquid will remove salt stains from both leather and. Salt Off is a road salt remover for vehicles. Ideal for removing road salt deposits from vehicles, heavy equipment, and other machinery. No rinsing needed. Quickly and safely dissolves uratic salts in urinals. Uratic salts remover removes uric acid, from urinals-ideal for waterless urinal maintenance. Technician's Choice® TEC Salt Remover is formulated to remove stubborn salt stains from any fabric quickly and easily. Great for use on carpets and. Salt Eater salt remover stops the chemical process of ice melt, removing the salt residue from your floors and mat, leaving behind a shiny clean floor. Prisco Salt Crystal Remover dissolves calcium carbonate as well as other salt build-ups and glazes on press rollers. This high strength solution is used to. Salt Lick from Hotsy is a combination detergent that removes heavy soil as well as damaging salt residue including calcium chloride and de-icing solution. Easy-to-use Salty Boater™ Salt Remover gets rid of salt deposits and leaves a PTEF protective coating. Rinses away salt buildup while leaving a protective. Glidecoat X-Salt is safe for all metals, painted surfaces, and more. Use this concentrated salt remover to tackle excess salt build-up and prevent. White Scum Remover removes salt scums (insoluble salts) from clay brick and tile surfaces. Restores natural color to masonry surfaces.

Gliptone's SALT GOBLIN™ Concentrate is a powerful formula that effectively dissolves and quickly removes road salts safely from Cars, Motorcycles, RV's, ATV's. Salt Off ; Salt Remover Kit w/Applicator. Salt Remover & Corrosion Inhibitor ; Salt Off – Ready To Use. Removes salt deposits from all marine surfaces. NEUTRO-WASH is a salt neutralizer and salt remover. It eliminates the salt & chloride that attaches itself to your deicing fleet during winter operations. MARC Uronic Salt Remover. Picture. Removes uric acid salts from drains and urinals. Formulated with a unique Acid Replacement Technology which replaces. Salt-X removes salt from virtually any surface safely and effectively. Use on fishing gear, boats, vehicles, scuba gear, buildings, military equipment. Urinal Salt Remover removes uratic salt build-up in pipes, as well as rust and water scale from fixtures. It does not have the offensive fumes or odors that. Rust Bullet's ChlorRid Soluble Salt Remover prepares surfaces for coatings. Eliminate soluble salts for optimal adhesion and durability. Description. Easy-to-use Salt-Off gets rid of salt deposits and leaves a PTEF protective coating. Rinses away salt buildup while leaving a protective PTEF ®. Features · Use Salt Remover applicator to remove salt deposits from outboard and inboard engines · Biodegradable formula will not remove wax or polish; won't.

We offer HoldTight , Chlor*Rid, and Chlor*Wash which are used with pressure washers to prevent rust and eliminate salt. FREE SHIPPING. Salt Off Protector is specifically formulated to quickly and effectively remove salt deposits from metal, fiberglass, plastic or painted surfaces. It contains. Salt-Away, Salt Remover Concentrate gets your boat engine clear of salt in as little as seconds Salt-Away flushes salt water to keep your boat's engine. Buy STAR BRITE Salt Off Concentrate Kit - Ultimate Boat Salt Remover & Marine Engine Flush - 32 OZ. with Applicator - Perfect for Outboard Motor Flush. CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER removes ice melt salt stains on carpeted areas and walk-off mats. Leaves no residue.

Spray SSR95 Assault on the crustiest build up salt stains in carpets. Let dwell for minutes. Wipe off with towel or use wet/dry vacuum or carpet extractor. I've used both - Saltaway and the Starbrite one. Both work pretty good. Salt away is a bit thicker. They are both about 3/4 water. A lot of guys say 3/4 water 1. USR - URATIC SALTS REMOVER USR is our specialty product designed for one particular problem. USR is so accepted because this particular problem is found in. Seaworks Salt Remover Concentrate for Boats, Vehicle Exterior, Engine and Motor Flush - 32 FL OZ Cleans and protects anything exposed to salt,brine,grime. This Landa detergent removes heavy soil as well as damaging road salt residue from cars, trucks, fleet vehicles and even construction equipment. Salts Gone Instant Salt Remover and Protectant - 1 Gallon, your go-to salt and brine remover refill compatible with hose-end sprayers, pump sprayers.

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